The Effects of Nutricosmetics

Nutricosmetics, your great ally to combat the signs of ageing.

Nutricosmetics is the pathway that combines food and personal care, based on the premise that the main key to beauty is a healthy body. These days, it is difficult to achieve and maintain the correct levels and balance of all the nutrients necessary to the human body. Nutricosmetics are essential to restore and maintain that balance.

NUTRIKOSM products slow down the ageing process and improve its visible signs on the body eg. reduce cellulitis, regain a flat stomach, detoxify the organisms, and reduce,  even eradicate, the appearance of wrinkles, solar lentigos and skin dehydration. To achieve a healthy body, it is recommended that the minimum treatment is started by the age of 30, and continued and maintained with a gradual increase over the years, as advised. Positive signs will be noticeable within 3 months and within 6 months, the results will be unbeatable. Ageing continues throughout one’s life, therefore compensatory measures to combat the signs must be continuous and persistent.

The philosophy of Nutricosmetics is: The constant maintenance of the body is required to keep an optimal nutritional balance and thus achieve the best results